Carbon 14 dating of shroud of turin

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Mario Latendresse pm to pm The image of Edessa included the whole body but only its empty reliquary arrived at Paris, 30 min.

Cesar Barta, Jorge Manuel Rodriguez Almenar pm to pm The Simony Theory: The Passage of the Shroud of Turin from Constantinople to Lirey, 30 min.

Panel Friday, July 21, 2017, Science & Dating of the Shroud am to am Opening remarks, 10 min.

Russ Breault am to am Uncovering the Frailties of Ecclesiastical Authorities in the Holy Shroud Guild Archives, 30 min.

Paolo Di Lazzaro and Daniele Murra am to am Numismatic dating of the Turin Shroud through the analysis of Byzantine coins, 45 min.

Mario Latendresse pm to pm Dinner (90 minutes) pm to pm The Shroud of Turin and the Sainte-Chapelle of Paris, 45 min.

Fred Baltz, presented by TBD am to am The Role of Epistemology in Approaching Truth in the Shroud of Turin, 45 min.

Cheryl White am to am Break (15 minutes) am to am Physical Cause of Jesus' Death, 40 min.

Giorgio Bracaglia am to am Pollens on the Shroud and the Sudarium of Oviedo, 35 min.

Marzia Boi, presented by Cesar Barta am to am Sources of DNA on the Shroud, 35 min.

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