Dating a really smart guy

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So don’t keep reading if you are emotionally fragile. He probably started getting really distant and not talking much. Encouraged by friends hoping to comfort you with a rationale that the tragedy was not your fault, but his, you concoct a comforting myth: Men can’t date women that are smarter than them.First, this presumes that you actually smarter than him, which you may be, but you may also not be. But the failure here isn’t in assuming that smarts were a factor in the breakup.I’ve seen on his Facebook page the girl he’s seeing now…she’s total white trash. – Kate, Los Angeles Short answer: Smart guys will generally date the most physically attractive girl available to them. The consensus seems to be that all three girls were dumped because they are too intelligent; men simply can’t handle a woman who is smarter than them, and they definitely can’t handle a woman who makes more money than them. You’ve probably been bugging the shit out of him since the six month mark.

So basically, we seek those different from us because it brings something new to the genetic table. No guy is going to dump a girl who is incredibly sexy just because she’s also smart. The simple truth is we’re all suckers for a pretty face. There's nothing sexier than a man who can work his way around any conversation.They get turned on by wit, intelligence, and a quick mind, and they’d rather listen to you flex your verbal dexterity than watch you flex your quads at the gym.Once we know it can take us where we want to go, we can worry about vanity plates and shiny rims. In fact, women are ten times worse than men about discriminating based on looks. Which is one of many reasons why it’s not surprising that so many woman are identifying as sapiosexual these days. “Sapiosexual” emerged as a new dating buzzword a few years ago, and it’s since taken off — there are now Reddit forums devoted to it, sapiosexual Facebook pages, and it’s even been added as an official sexual orientation by dating sites like OKCupid. A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to a person’s intellect way more than their body.

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