Dating and travelling together

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While you may love traveling alone or with friends, travelling with a significant other can be a whole different experience.You may be wondering, “Is there a certain point we should reach in our relationship before we’re ‘ready’ to travel together?Vacation provides an extended period of time together where you can pick up on interactions you might not get to see during “normal” dates.Certain personality traits and interactions can be amplified.We’re suddenly without the stress of everyday life with all its complicated conflicts and emotions, and we’re no longer confined by our routine and restrictions. This vacation high is very exciting and different, but it can also be a challenge to explore your true feelings about each other when you’re in this adventurous state.

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Use this as another opportunity to unlock who you are and what you want out of your interactions and life experiences.It’s also a great time to explore your own reactions and feelings to different things that occur in the vacation environment.For example, you may be surprised at the thoughtfulness or kindness you notice in your date when he or she interacts with new people (or you may be dismayed when the opposite happens).At the same time, in this “artificial reality,” you might notice certain interactions and traits in your partner and wonder why you’ve never seen them act that way in your day-to-day life together. You might find the person you’re with becomes very different when they’re away from home.Vacation can also create time for that dreamy space where you can imagine your future together.

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