Dating pre op transexual dating a clairvoyant

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This “sickness” and it is a sickness, consumes and takes over your life! Now my interest was finding out how to end my life. How long it takes you to come to this point is subjective; probably once the excitement wears off. You have destroyed everything in your path to get it done and no-one in the medical community will stop you. People, God or whatever you believe in made you in the correct gender. If you think differently, get real help; but, DON”T CHANGE IT.

You will lie to everyone around you as you continue to lie to yourself to get it done. —————————————————————————- This essay was previously published on REtransition.

He lives in a another country where I visit pretty often. But the actual problem is that he doesn't know that I am transgender and I really wanna tell him but don't know how.

Can you give me any suggestion on how to tell him without him freaking out right away? There might be a tiny possibility that he accepts the fact but I don't know. I am scared of getting rejected again I'd say give it more time.

So I went on a date with this guy and we clicked instantly.

He couldn't stop saying that how beautiful I am and he really likes me.

About the only hard and fast rule I'd stick to when telling him is to do it in as physically and emotionally safe place as you can.By 10 or 13 years old; the gender confusion had begun. I was frequenting the gay neighborhoods by 16; assuming this emptiness and sexual craving was a signal of who I was.But, it wasn’t gratifying; and always left me disgusted. Buy, purge, buy, purge this repetitive cycle of self hatred continued unabated.One problem with traditional dating sites, like e Harmony and Match, is that they don't contain appropriate categories for transgender personals, and if they do, often times the labels are still not wholly inclusive.People who are part of the transgender community may become frustrated by sites that try to fit people into boxes of male or female because it can make it difficult for them to meet the type of life partner or friend they are seeking.

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