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If that is true, it could come as happy news for some of Gomez's family, who reportedly dislike Bieber because of stories they heard about his conduct during his and Gomez's hot-and-cold relationship between 20. They went bike riding with each other, and later that particular day, Gomez went to a hockey game of Bieber's.

Although the reports of a rekindled romance sound convincing, some people say Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez decided to get back together because it could help their respective careers.

She was last seen with him at his September 16 concert in Philadelphia.

In the image of Justin and Selena, the two stars are seen sitting opposite each other, Justin's head covered in a white hooded sweatshirt.

However, most entertainment news outlets disagree because Bieber and Gomez have no mutual projects in the works at this time.

Moreover, some reports directly contradict the stories that say love is blossoming again. admits that Bieber and Gomez are hanging out a lot but emphasizes they are not calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, as they realize how quickly everything has moved.

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