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Long after Luke Skywalker's death, the Order failed for decades to attract new padawans, and as the older masters died out, soon there was only one left.The last Apprentice of the New Jedi Order, he achieved the rank of Knight, and the last Master passed his title to him as he died. Anything is a skill, there’s no limit to what you can decide your character is good at.They’ll roll with their skill to determine if they manage to educate you.If you attempt the same task you don’t currently have a skill for five times, you’ll get one point into it, and you can start leveling it normally.Oberon Markel considered letting the lineage die, knowing the Force was alive, and would resurface when it was needed. Something pulled on him, and he found himself drawn by intuition to Corellia. Dexterity(includes ranged combat, tricky tasks, and sleight of hand)Perception(includes finding hidden things, stealth, and social interactions)Strength(all close combat fighting, as well as any feat of strength)Technical(piloting, as well as mechanical skills and other knowledge based tasks)Force(includes any and all force based powers. You have 7 points to assign, so you could do seven skills at one point each, or you could be particularly good at a few skills.He stood outside a junk shop(the owner fancied himself an antique's dealer) when David Starsea walked out with an old, dead lightsaber in his hands. Your skill level is those points added onto your stat.

Very Easy: 5 (Pulling your lightsaber to you from the ground below where you're hanging in the ice)Easy: 10Moderate: 15Difficult: 20Very Difficult: 25Heroic: 30 (Lifting an X-Wing fighter out of a swamp)Doing two(or more!

Beyond these rooms, there are first ruins, older chambers that are colder the further from the reclaimed area you go. Force sensitive individuals see things here, visions.

It is these caves that David took his trials, and where he expects his padawans to take theirs.

The winner of the roll is the one who has the higher number.

Throughout a fight, the “excess” is added up, to give the result.

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