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Some parents feel they don't know enough to be a reliable source of accurate information.Additionally, when teens feel uncomfortable coming to their parents or guardians regarding difficult issues, such as sex, they often turn to their friends and/or the media in order to gain information.Continue this conversation throughout your teen's life by letting them know you are open and non-judgmental regarding the issue of sex and sexuality.Remember, no parent needs to be an expert on sexuality to have meaningful conversations with their children since every parent can share their values about sexuality, relationships, and respect for others.It is important, therefore, to start the conversation early, and to make it clear to your children that you are always willing to talk about sexuality – whenever questions come up for them, or when a "teachable moment" occurs. Sexuality, in most of its aspects, can be a joyful topic for discussion in the family.

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Still others talk about values and beliefs without discussing religion or spirituality at all.

Back to top Here is an additional list of some important things to remember throughout your interactions with your teen regarding the topic of sex.

This list includes some additional tips and advice not covered in the previous sections.

A growing national coalition of organizations has worked to promote family communication about sexuality through helpful publications and vital community programs for the past 25 years.

To learn what may be available in your community, contact Planned Parenthood of America or any of the agencies on the national coalition.

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