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Every day, pop culture bombards us with stories of “young love”, beautiful people finding their One True Love in high-school or their early 20s.

One of the most beloved love stories in the Western canon is about a The cold hard truth is: sometimes it takes a while to find your emotional feet, as it were.

Hayne has signed a NFL futures contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

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So far, it's a very dark and edgy, tight and gripping thriller.

Three main characters have died, the fourth is having an abortion in order to prevent the evil conspiracy from using her child to bring forth the apocalypse in a Crapsack World.

Nobody smiles, Then you tune in next week, and find out that...

Some people are socially gifted; they have a natural grasp on social dynamics and are able to charm others or find a relationship as easily as ordering a sandwich at Subway. They may be socially inexperienced and need time to absorb the lessons that others might have learned earlier.

Some may have issues in their past that have limited their ability to relate to others.

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