Free adult chatbot

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Guggy is one of the most popular and fun ones to try.Send it any word, and it'll find you a relevant gif.There are loads of adverts, but it's free to download.

In this article we take a look at six bots and bot platforms for i Phone that have the potential to improve your life in a plethora of fun and useful ways.

(This term and others are explained in our Apple user's tech jargon dictionary.) The UK Tech Weekly Podcast team discussed genocidal chatbots (don't worry, most chatbots are friendly! It starts at the 13-minute mark: Facebook sees huge potential in chatbots.

At its eighth developer conference, which took place in April, the firm launched an updated version of Messenger that integrates chatbots.

If you've got a celebrity you've always wanted to have a conversation with, you're able to change the bot's name and profile pic to theirs.

As an example, if you change its name to Taylor Swift, it'll start talking about music to you.

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