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This is often due to retailers, such as Marks and Spencers, who have a returns policy that exceeds their statutory obligations and sets consumer expectations very high.

One thing that surprises some consumers is that a refund can be partial taking into account the usage and age of the item and a replacement can be of a similar age i.e. There is more confusion in some particular circumstances and when other consumer legislation becomes relevant.

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There are also a number of elements on top of this you might be eligible for, depending on your circumstances.For example, when goods are bought with credit, on the doorstep, over the internet and via auction, such as on e Bay.The following uk guides will give you a deeper understanding of the Sale of Goods Act and what you need to be aware of.You can claim up to 70% of childcare costs to a maximum of £175 a week for one child, or £300 a week for two or more children.An income threshold is the maximum amount of income you can receive before the amount you can receive is reduced.

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