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There have been plenty of guys in my life who I thought were the sexiest thing I’d ever seen at first impression, only to have them slide down the point system after a few days. #4) “How do I make it known I’m interested and don’t want to just be friends?Everyone is sexy the first time you meet them—soak it in, then try and get to a place where looks aren’t even a factor. ” There’s always a worry about being in the friend zone.

Yea, we loved each other, ALOT, but that was the last thing we were thinking about. The guilt of things I said the night before and the hurt from the things he said consumed every ounce of energy I had. Yet, we continued on this pattern to the point where we had to break up.A few months ago my boyfriend and I were on the verge of breaking up.We’ve been together for 3 years and the last year or so our relationship started to become really toxic.I think the turning point was when we moved into West Hollywood close to all the bars and clubs.We had always gone out one or two nights a week, but being so close to everything we found ourselves going out for a drink most night of the week.

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