Gypsy traveller dating sites

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If and when we decide to take legal action there are still procedures to be followed.

The Courts require public bodies like local councils (but not private landowners) to take account of considerations of common humanity, so we must carry out needs and welfare audits to discover if any allowances should be made before we proceed.

Prevention of trespass and the removal of trespassers are the responsibility of the landowner and not the police.

They have to be economic and they have to take account of the other uses of the site.

Many Travellers' vehicles are taxed and some are so old they are tax exempt.

Most Gypsies have modern well-maintained vehicles which are used to support their business interests, so they are almost invariably taxed and Mo T'd.

So while a person could be fined or imprisoned for criminal damage, it would not be reasonable to impound their home, prevent their legal employment or disrupt the education of their children.

The police do run vehicle checks on new encampments and Travellers are prosecuted as and when appropriate.

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