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Unmarried couples cannot petition to adopt together, only one partner may be the petitioner.

If a child has a natural parent and is being adopted by the parent’s new spouse, the consent of the natural parent is not necessary.

Back to Top How do I get my records from the KSP (Kentucky State Police)?

To request copies of or inspect public records, you must make a written request to the Official Custodian of Records.

Back to Top Where does a person go to file a motion for an expungement?

We offer an online criminal record expungement for free to low income individuals in Kentucky. General Expungement Questions What is an expungement?The record request form for AOC records is AOC-PT-49 and can be found at must fill out this form accurately and completely, and include the fee for your records search.You will be sent a copy of your current criminal record.Back to Top I went to the courthouse archives and nothing came up under my name; what should I do?You may need to see if anything shows up when you request records from the AOC or the Kentucky State Police; records from the AOC and KSP will be more likely to show older charges.

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