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CYCI, Beam says, can fill that gap with its own funds to pay the brokers.

Back at the meeting, the father has become grumpy over an apparent impasse in talks, and insists the amount the broker originally demanded must be met.

CYCI, publicly the effort of a Canadian-Jewish businessman named Steve Maman, who has been hailed by some as the “Jewish Schindler,” recently has come under a barrage of criticism both in North America and Iraq.

Its claims of rescuing some 130 Yazidis and Christians from ISIS, as documented on its website, have been called into question by a number of prominent Yazidis, and concerns have been raised that through its use of brokers it is funding ISIS.

The negotiation portion of the process, however, has concluded.

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Beam says that a year after ISIS’s rampage through Sinjar, funds are growing short among the Yazidis, who have in some cases already sold all their valuables to ransom back family members.To break the stalemate, Beam calls a CYCI agent authorized to negotiate directly, and hands her cellphone to the man.A conversation ensues, and eventually the father hangs up and hands the phone back.White for his part wrote on his Facebook page Wednesday of his complete support of Maman.“I want to totally and utterly show my support for Steve Maman.

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