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It has so crept into our church, our evangelism, and our missiology that you barely can call what we are doing ‘Christian’ anymore.Psychology, anthropology, and sociology have become primary influences in the churches….I have very little use at all for the “seeker-sensitive” church growth philosophies. In fact, there really are no seekers (see Romans ff).If God does not seek the sinner out, there is no hope for sinners! (However, even in regard to how we do ministry, we can indeed still learn things from other sources.* Sometimes the genders are reversed—see our tag for 'male survivors' (tags tab in the top menu).To say that abusers cannot change removes responsibility for sin. Lord, help us as Christians to be the wives and moms that you desire us to be. To receive posts directly to your inbox, enter your email and click on “Subscribe Me.” Don’t miss a single bit of encouragement on being a wife and mom. Listen to this and I want to get to know you, so leave a comment, ok?

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I concur fully that we are not to let the world dictate to us how to do God’s work.Man, what common sense and insight these people have to teach us. But when we hear statements like Washer’s, especially when they are given in a sermon that is supposed to be teaching us what God’s Word says, then it sounds very much like the preacher is telling us that we are doing wrong, that we are sinning, by reading these other books besides the Bible. The definition of abuse: A pattern of coercive control (ongoing actions or inactions) that proceeds from a mentality of entitlement to power, whereby, through intimidation, manipulation and isolation, the abuser keeps his* target subordinated and under his control.This pattern can be emotional, verbal, psychological, spiritual, sexual, financial, social and physical.We have come to believe that a man of God can deal in certain tiny areas in the life of the Church; but when it really gets tough, we need to go to the social experts.That is an absolute It says here that the Scriptures are given ‘that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works’ (2 Tim ). And what do we have to do with all these modern day social sciences that were actually created as a protest against the Word of God?

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