R java not updating intellij idea

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This way, we minimize the amount of requests we need to make on the API and ensure that our tests still have access to the correct data. Running the tests with a valid API key should have them passing.Now that we have our tests passing, let's add some more functionality to our wrapper.We don't want to make the API calls to the actual TMDb API every time we run our tests, since this can get you rate limited.A better way would be to save the HTTP response the first time a request is made, then reuse this saved response on subsequent test runs.You may be asking yourself why the tests are passing, since we clearly have not fetched any info from the API. We need to actually ensure that the correct info that has been fetched from the API is returned.

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A better approach would be to use a library in your language of choice that helps you abstract away the API's implementation details.You can request one after registering your account on TMDb.First, we need a requests session that we will use for all HTTP interactions.For our first test, let's test that our module will be able to fetch a TV show's info from TMDb successfully. From now on, we will write the package as we go, adding new code to fix the failing tests, adding more tests and repeating the process until we have all the functionality we need.To start with, the minimal functionality we can add at this stage is creating the If we run the tests again, we will see that they pass.

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