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To date, they’ve investigated nearly 2,000 cases, won 127 convictions and identified 817 serial rapists.

This is all in just At 12, Samrawit Saleem is lovely, strong and poised, just as any future diva might be.

The Carolina franchise is up for sale after owner Jerry Richardson became embroiled in an investigation of workplace misconduct. But the trend, capably outlined in this piece, isn’t universally lauded.

Music and business mogul Combs raised his hand on Twitter. “A cookie-cutter course is not going to solve the need for creating thinking in the future,” said professor Jonathan Rees, author of the book “Education is Not an App.” It won’t give corporations what they need.“You just have a lot of poorly trained data scientists coming out of universities.” Much love to our former colleague, Erin Griffith, for this searing indictment of the enduring, clueless optimism of Silicon Valley, and the billionaires who are blithely continuing to talk about changing the world when they have utterly failed to change themselves. “They’re continuing their quest to move fast and break things—regardless of what broken objects are left in their wake,” she writes.

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates abruptly deleted his twitter account last night after a debate about his latest work brought out an unusual alliance of critics. Cornell West, who focused his analysis on Coates’ most recent book “We Were Eight Years In Power,” a collection of mostly previously published essays that explored the Obama legacy and the re-emergence of white supremacy as an open, political force. staff writer Jelani Cobb, also weighed in, while calling West out for what appeared to be a personal grievance.

“Pray for someone to back you up like Jelani backs up Ta-Nehisi,” sighed black opinion Twitter in unison.

“There are no majority African American NFL owners. The “bad boys” and business swashbucklers seem to be the last to know their bubble has popped.

“We’re wary of artificial intelligence and its potential to eliminate jobs.

The book was, in part, a look-back at his earlier self.

“At that point, I had a feeling that I would not do anything that would be equal to what my father and my father’s generation did,” he said. All the great battles had been fought, for better or ill.” In this, for certain, Coates turns out to be wrong.

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