Teenage dating and violence

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Many neuroscientists think that this mismatch in brain maturity may explain a lot of adolescent behavior.”“For example,” says Dr.

Garner, “the PFC is thought to play an important role in regulating mood, attention, impulse control, and the ability to think abstractly — which includes both the ability to plan ahead and see the consequences of one’s behavior.”“The AMG, on the other hand, is thought to play a role in emotion, aggression, and instinctual, almost reflexive responses,” Dr. Neuroscientists have long thought that the mature PFC regulates the AMG, putting a break on emotional, aggressive, or instinctual outbursts.

The brain, after all, is part of the body and, more importantly, is the organ that controls — or tries to control — the body’s activities.

Teenagers confront challenges, pressures, stresses, temptations, and asks in brains that are not yet fully developed.

But, because it isn’t completely mature, it simply isn’t working as fast as it will when it matures,” he says.“If you ask a teenager whether it is a good idea to get into a car with friends who are drunk, most would say ‘no way.’ That’s the PFC talking.

In calmer moments, the relatively slow PFC is able to think abstractly and see the potentially dire consequences of driving when drunk.

The TAHC Program recognizes that peers have an important role in influencing young people's choices.

Trained Teenage Health Consultants have a positive effect on other students by leading discussions about important issues and encouraging healthy decision-making.

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“It is important to note that the PFC is still functioning in adolescence.

The synonym gavage comes from the French term for the force-feeding of geese to produce foie gras.

The practice goes back to the 11th century, and has been reported to have made a significant comeback in Mauritania after a military junta took over the country in 2008.

“It is likely to be a good marker for PFC functioning and the ability to handle abstract thought.”“As long as teenagers are social, eating and sleeping well, and working towards the fulfillment of their plan (for most, good grades leading to college), then I’m happy and their parents should be happy, too.

If, on the other hand, they are withdrawn or acting out, not eating or sleeping regularly, or are letting their grades or dreams pass them by, then I encourage the parents to sound the alarm and get some help.”The information contained on this Web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician.

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