Two year dating anniversary ideas for him

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This is actually another one of Christian’s requests – ha!

When we would go on dates earlier in our relationship, we always dressed up for each other and of course over the years there is a little less effort when you see each other every day vs. Just the act of getting ready and knowing it was done for each other (not for a wedding, girls night, church, etc.). Sometimes this involves traveling somewhere new that we’ve never been.

12 Days of Birthday: When my husband and I were dating, I did the “12 Days of Birthday Fun.” I started 12 days leading up to his birthday and each note began with: “On the 12th day before your birthday, your true love gave to you…” Some days it was a small treat, some days it was a note or letter, and some days it was an activity. 🙂 Most everything I have done for my husband’s birthday have been things with a homemade touch.

Some were printables or little booklets that I bought, but everything has it’s own little personal touch and have made wonderful husband birthday gifts.

Learn how to make the sheet and get ideas here: How to turn your master bed into a game board.

Letters of Love: On that same birthday, I also had all of his friends and loved ones write a letter to him expressing love or favorite memories they have had with him.

It’s easy to get in a routine (and I love staying in and watching movies with takeout too, don’t get me wrong), but trying something new together can stir up those fresh, new feelings of excitement and fun.I think we all have so much to learn from each other when we take the time to open up.Looking for some unique birthday ideas for husband? It’s free money on things you already buy and can add up really fast (I installed the bookmark tool so that a little reminder pops up anytime I am eligible for cash back on any website I am on).I wanted to share five of our favorite ways to revisit that “young love” feeling in a relationship.I think even if you’ve been dating for a while or if you live with your significant other, it can be easy to forget some of those initial things that drew you together in the early days.

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