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Even filtering didn't really work and I was constantly matched with people I didn't think were compatible.

It ended up being a lot of filtering and little return. It felt quite one sided and everything involved money.

I cannot afford a stampo to send to men who wont or choose not to reply.

I sent off many kisses and got all rejections, This has been really humiliating and a real self esteem crusher.

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on other sites you have to remember who it is your talking too and what they said and flick between pages, but this feature here was goo.) as i didn't fill out a personality questionnaire.The quality of people online seemed rather low- there were not many men that captured my eye - the members seem a little bit bogan i might say ! )This is the first site that I have been on and I have found it to be quite good.There are so many aspects I found a little underwhelming. It didn't even have anything that enticed you to want to try much.Didn't like the quality of the matches and eventually just felt like it was a free for all for anyone that loosely fit my criteria of being 'male'.

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